On this Site on Dec 29th, 1890

Chief Bigfoot, having already surrendered to the 7th Cavalry under Major Samuel Whitside the day before, was taken under military escort five miles to Wounded Knee Creek with his starving band of approximately 100 (poorly armed or) unarmed warriors (about 40 from Sitting Bull’s band, who left from Standing Rock after his murder to seek shelter on Pine Ridge with Red Cloud, joined by a slightly larger number of Minneconjou) along with at least 200 women and children were massacred by Hotchkiss Guns mounted on a hillside a quarter of a mile away.
Troops had been sent into the camp to “disarm” the warriors, who were carrying mainly knives and hatchets. 38 rifles were turned in.
One elderly man, deaf, named Black Coyote allegedly failed to understand the order or protested giving up his rifle because it had cost him a lot of money. A struggle ensued, a shot was fired, then firing became indiscriminate.
The soldier firing Hotchkiss guns from the nearby hill slaughtered their own men along with women and children in the camp.
Bigfoot, given medical aid the night before for pneumonia, was shot down too, with all his band – all buried together in a mass grave.


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