Jumping Bull Ranch

In Oglala, SD, on June 26th, 1975, at this ranch, where traditional Lakota People had invited a small group of American Indian Movement warriors along with their wives and children, 30 in all, to protect them from the reign of terror being directed at traditional Lakota by the Indian Reorganization Act tribal chairman of that time Richard Wilson, and his GOONS (Guardians of the Oglala Nation/tribal policemen) along with the FBI who had an active presence on Pine Ridge in the years following the Occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973 – during which time more than three score unsolved murders took place, often of Traditional Lakota who differed with the tribal chairman, a shootout took place involving hundreds of law enforcement agents and AIM warriors defending the camp and the women and children on it. One AIM warrior, Joe Stuntz, was killed in the shootout, as were two FBI agents, Ronald Williams and Jack Color, first badly wounded after arriving and driving into the ranch in unmarked cars, then killed at point blank range. AIM warriors were able to successfully guide the women and children out of the camp to safety despite the huge law enforcement cordon and ongoing gunfire.
Leonard Peltier had been serving a life sentence for the murder of the FBI agents for the last 41 years.
Amnesty International had cited numerous constitutional violations in his extradition from Canada, where he fled, his trial, and conviction.
People around the world consider Peltier to be America’s foremost political prisoner, America’s Nelson Mandela. Still serving time for a crime the federal prosecutor subsequently testified that the government did not know and could not prove that Peltier committed. Two codefendents who were here with Peltier on that fateful day in 1975 were tried separately and set free on grounds of self defense. Peltier remains in jail at age 72. Help set him free!
Go to: WhoisLeonardpeltier.info
Write to him in jail.
Do not give up hope for his freedom.


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