17 August, 2017 00:40

The grave of Lawrence “Buddy” LaMonte, shot through the heart on April 27th, 1973 during the three month occupation of the village of Wounded Knee by traditional Ogalala Lakota with the support of American Indian Movement.
A Vietnam veteran, LaMonte fought for the US government, and they killed him for defending his people.
He is buried just to the south of Chief Bigfoot’s mass grave, overlooking the village of Wounded Knee. His stone reads in part:
“Though he went traveling alone, We’ll meet one day at our final home.” And, referring to Feds and Aim occupiers:”
“2000 and 500 came to Wounded Knee.
One still remains.
Lawrence “Buddy” LaMonte.
I stayed with his niece in Minneapolis; he was 32 years old when he was killed.


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