Repatriation Cemetery, Great Sioux Nation, Cheyenne River

While on the subject of reburying the bones of departed ancestors – the grueling work continues of repatriating the skulls and scalps and bones and burial objects of Native Americans that are still kept in boxes if no longer or rarely on display at Universities, private and public museums, local historical societies, and even, as was the case with Chief Little Crow’s remains after The Sioux Uprising in Minnesota, in State House galleries like the one in St. Paul.
This work was helped by the passage, which Native Nations lobbied fiercely for, of The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act by Congress in 1990.
Here is the marker at the Cheyenne River Repatriation Cemetery just north of the Moreau River off Rte 63 near Green Grass, SD.


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