Water Protectors Camp; Eagle Butte, SD

After the combined weight of 2,000 National Guard, State Troopers, FBI, National Park Police, local sheriffs and hired Mercenaries such as the paramilitary TigerSwan corps and others like them came down very very heavy on the Water Protectors camp at Standing Rock last fall and winter – and forced the eviction in late February of the hundreds, sometimes thousands of Indigenous People from the Dakotas, and their allies from around the world who had flocked to the camp, most dispersed back to their home communities where the struggle for divestment from the Dakota Access Pipeline and others like it continues.
But a small core group of Lakota People and their allies moved camp in February South here to Eagle Butte, in the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation.
This area is also being threatened with a planned pipeline – and so the struggle continues. Prayer, song, court battle, board room uprisings at Wells Fargo and other investors, outreach and education nationally and internationally – all these Native led tactics are in constant use in the service of a planet in crisis, in the service if Mother Earth, to protect her waters, air and soil, against the corporate pillage and rape ongoing here in the Dakotas, on a sacred mountain in Hawaii, where a giant telescope is planned, in Okinawa where resistance to a military base expansion continues, and everywhere where sacred spaces are threatened by greed and short sighted development with the backing of the military might of the superpowers.
Defend the Sacred – that is the call here in Eagle Butte, on Standing Rock, along the Hudson – everywhere!


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