Mary Carol Potts

At the Dakota Sunset Museum in Gettysburg, SD, Mary Carol says Native Americans still come in regularly to stand by the Medicine Rock, which they hold sacred. “They never should have moved it!”
they tell her.
“Well would you rather it was under water?” she asks them in reply.
The obvious answer is – if they had left it where it was originally placed, the Medicine Rock would still be there when the dam goes away, and the Oahe Lake with it.
Lakota historian and author Vine Deloria Jr. characterizes the construction of the Oahe Dam on the Missouri River, which flooded 56,000 acres of unceded Standing Rock Lakota land including sacred burial sites and displaced hundreds of Lakota people, as “the single most destructive act ever perpetrated on any tribe by the United States.” Put the Medicine Rock back!
Where is Edward Abbey and his Gang when we need them?
Down with the Oahe Dam!


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