Powwow Grounds

Alan Gross, Northern Minnesota Chippewa, is a barista at the Powwow Grounds Coffee shop on East Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, part of a one of a kind Native American urban Cultural Corridor of Native owned businesses and art galleries, housing blocks and Native health clinics, a bakery and restaurant, and gardens working with traditional methods and Native crops. In 2015, Gross was quoted in Pollen Midwest, a local publication, saying;
“What really sucks is there is such a gap between our cultures. If we are going to sit here and talk about something that is difficult, people’s shields come up. But the people who come in here, their shields are already down. It’s up to us to build those bridges between our cultures.
Because all we need to do is keep talking. When you cut it down to brass tacks, all we need to do is get together, talk, and teach each other about stuff. I strongly believe we have things to learn about from each other.”
Minneapolis has one of the largest Native populations in any metropolitan area in the continent.
Ojibwa, Lakota, and people from many other Nations came here during the time that the US government policy was focused on breaking up Native Nations through allotment of communal lands and termination of trust relationships with Native Nations. The American Indian Movement got its start in Minneapolis.


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