Stockbridge – Munsee Mohican Casino at Sunset in Red Springs, Wisconsin

They fought on the side of the Americans, many of their warriors died in the Revolutionary War. Many adopted Christianity.
The Colonial Massachusetts general court had previously “granted” them six square miles of their original territory (which stretched from Lake Champlain to Manhattan on both sides of the Mahocannituck (Hudson) in 1739. How generous.
But after the Revolution, unscrupulous land dealers forced the Mohicans out of Stockbridge.
The tribe moved west to Oneida territory on the finger lake that bears that Nation’s name.
In 1818 the Stockbridge-Munsees were again forced to abandon their farms and villages and move west – to land in Indiana they were told had been reserved for their perpetual use.
When they arrived in Indiana a year later they found that land too had been sold.
They finally found refuge with the Menominee in northwest Wisconsin, where the 1500 members have finally begun to prosper after a fashion.
Nearly half the 600 casino workers are Native, profits from the modest gaming facility are reinvested in the Nation.
Tribal leaders come east to visit their former homelands regularly. Their ancestors are buried out East – many in Stockbridge cemeteries. Some 300 acres in the Catskills have recently been returned to the Nation.
The Nolumbeka Project in Greenfield ( works with their Albany office on historic preservation if sensitive sites in their original homelands.


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