Letting the 18 Wheelers Pass Them By!

The Amish and related folk who refuse to travel on motorized vehicles were onto something when they first adopted this prohibition – I feel deep sympathy for them now (and for their horses). As the West Antarctic Ice Shelf calves an ice floe into the ocean the size of Delaware (a few weeks back) and a larger floe readied its descent into the warming oceans large enough (scientists estimate) to raise sea levels by 17 feet, swamping global coastlines and major cities, the Amish trot slowly by.
This buggy used the John Muir rest area in Marquette County, Wisconsin to take a short hiatus from the busy travel lanes of Route 22 north, to let the 18 wheelers pass by unhindered.
The driver of the buggy did not slow the horses pace; just took the exit to the rest area, trotted by me, and continued back onto the main road without a sideways glance.
When no convenient turnoffs like these present themselves, the buggies often travel with one beautifully crafted wooden wheel rolling in the hard packed gravel to the right of the paved shoulder leaving more room for trucks and cars to pass.
I follow in their tracks, more slowly, and with a sort of reverence for their stubborn and prescient willingness to cling to old and simpler ways.


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