Welcome to Dayton!

Andrew Cuomo may be running for president – just like his dad – but his post-Newton automatic weapons ban is less than popular upstate.
Signs calling for the repeal of the Safe Act (so it is called) are everywhere – from Petersburg to Jamestown. They are the most prevalent lawn signs upstate by a long shot – and the law was passed yeasts ago now. Trump Pence signs run a very distant second. Holdovers for Bernie barely make a statistical blip on the informal upstate lawn sign survey. There were never any lawn signs to speak of for the eventual Democratic nominee up in these parts – not a single one remains if there ever were.
Here we see the happy conjunction of the Repeal the automatic weapons ban with the Amish Trail welcome sign for Dayton.
Maybe if that legislation ever gets out of committee they could call it the “West Nickel Mines Schoolgirl Slaughter Act.”

That should shore up the Amish vote.


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