Dam Hill at the Cayuga SHARE Farm on Union Springs NY

Dan has been looking after the 76 acre farm of the Cayuga Nation in Union Springs since 2005.
Professors from Wells and Ithaca colleges and other friends purchased the land as a gift for the Cayuga after the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the Cayuga Nation land around the lake of the same name had indeed been taken from them illegally, in violation of the Canandaigua Treaty. The court ruled the treaty had been violated but said there was no legal remedy. Thanks a lot!
Each year, friends gather at the farm on the 2nd weekend in June to plant a new peach tree in memory of the Cayuga peach orchards burned during the Sullivan Clinton Expedition of 1779 – a systematic military scorched earth campaign to destroy the military and political might of the Haudenaussonee (Six Nations).
To help purchase a peach tree for the Cayuga SHARE farm, send donation to Dan Hill, 4061 Truesdale Road, Union Springs, NY 13160
Surrounding land”owners” have maintained hateful signs along the highways ever since the equivocal court ruling on the Cayuga land claim.


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