Eight Pink Flamingos Begin Circling American Flags

Yesterday, outside Springfield, at the intersection of Rtes 20 and 80 (north of Otsego Lake) – Eight Pink Flamingos were circling American Flags. When the rest of them show up Look Out!
Perhaps this was a symbol of remembered resistance to the forced relocation of the Seminoles after they fought the longest and most successful war against American imperialist aggression and land stealing of any Native tribe.
Finally forced (except for a small band that went deep into the Everglades) to march west with the four other so-called civilized tribes (Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Cherokees) to arid (but oil-rich) Oklahoma, they were guaranteed peaceful enjoyment of their new lands by treaty.
According to Vine Deloria, Jr. writing in “Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties” (1974)

“Since the 1830’s the Five Civilized Tribes had become very strong, and had created small republics with schools, courts, businesses, and even plantations….
“Until the 1880s, the independence of the Five Tribes was nearly complete, but their ownership of extensive areas of land made them subject to political pressure from land speculators….
“Congress disregarded the treaties in the late 1880s, and in 1893 passed a law which provided for a commission to treat with the Five Tribes for allotment of their lands and the opening of any “surplus” lands to white settlement.”


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