Dale Edwards, Chad and Dale Jr.

I asked if I could fill my water bottle and Dale Edwards said “Sure. Across the road. You can clean up too.” I did that and came back and gave him a bag of fresh picked blackberries. “Fair trade,” he told me.
But then his son Dale Jr. went in the house and came back with a bird wing a gave me a travel feather. He got the wing from a conservationist and told me not to say what manner of bird it was from. But the feather is golden. I promised to deliver the feather to his aunt, Suzzanne, when I got to Standing Rock. He gave me her phone number, and I will carry this gift with care.
Dale Sr. said the US govt. no longer gives the Onondaga salt each year as promised in the Treaty of Canandaigua in 1794, signed by President George Washington’ representative to the Six Nations, Timothy Pickering .
But the US government still pays the tribes $4,500 annually to purchase and distribute cloth.
This treaty has been violated (600 Seneca moved to make way for a dam in 1960, etc.) but is still considered to be in force.
The mural on the wall, painted by Dale Jr.’s girlfriend, represents the Six Nations.


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