For me – Bicycle Activism began with the Solar Rollers – a grassroots group of antinuclear cyclists who gathered in Western Massachusetts in the summer of 1978 to ride to occupy the site of a planned twin nuclear reactor on the Seacoast of NH.

From Seabrook, the Solar Rollers rode to Rocky Flats, Colorado, to join with Daniel Ellsburg and the Truth Force activists who were blockading the railroad tracks that same year, in an attempt to disrupt the production of the nuclear triggers for the entire US nuclear arsenal.

Since then, our bicycling group has worked to shut down the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant in Vernon Vermont, with repeated rides around the state of Vermont, from the early 1980s to 2014 – during which time we handed out printed fliers directly to about 10% of the people of Vermont. In addition to grassroots canvassing, we engaged in community outreach through potlucks, radio, print and television interviews, and collaborative rallies with other social change groups.

Now, we are heading west again – to link up with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, and to call attention to the ongoing violation of Native American treaties, and the infringement of the sovereign rights of Native Peoples from coast to coast. As our Earth tilts more and more grievously into ecological crisis, the time has come for us to honor all treaties made by the US Congress with Native People, and to make restitution for the theft of Native land and resources that has stained our nation for centuries. Until we come to a better relationship with the Native People of this continent, we can never hope to come into a truly harmonious relationship with the land, and a better understanding of our place in the web of life of which we are all a part.

The Earth is in crisis. The climate is growing hotter by the day. We have raped and polluted the land to the point where our own children’s future is in jeopardy, and many species that share the Earth with us are now doomed to extinction. The Water Protectors of Standing Rock showed all of us that the time has come to abandon our destructive ways, the pursuit of corporate profit at the expense of the life of our children. They stood firm through a bitter winter. Now summer has come again – and we will ride to join our energy with theirs and say to all who will listen –

Honor our Mother Earth; Honor Native Treaty Rights; Shut Down the Dakota Access Pipeline, Stop the Burning of Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power;Turn to the Sun and Wind and other Natural Sources of Power; and Let us All Try to Live in Balance with Nature.

Join the Ride for Standing Rock – Leaving the Old Indian Meeting House in Mashpee on Cape Cod at Noon on July 1st , 2017.

  • david detmold – Great Falls, Massachusetts

(More information about itinerary coming soon.)